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Harrisonians pay tribute to former headmaster


Former student, teacher and headmaster of Harrison College, Albert G. Williams, has been recognised by the Old Harrisonian Society (OHS) for his contribution to the school.

During a ceremony held in Williams’ honour recently, Principal of Harrison College Winston Crichlow announced that the Board of Management, staff and students saw it fitting to rename the former Headmaster’s Lodge, currently the Administration Building, “The Albert Williams Building”.

“Mr Williams was the last headmaster to live in the Headmaster’s Lodge and he devoted the same care and attention to the walkways, lawns, sweet-lime hedges and foliage as he did to the expansion of the curriculum, especially in the areas of music and visual arts,” Crichlow said.

Crichlow also noted that Williams’ 17-year leadership at the school has left an indelible mark on the lives of all those who came under his care.

He told the old scholars that the ceremony was a historic one as it sought to rectify the failure of the school to recognise the outstanding contribution of Williams to the legacy of the institution.

“No one can deny that Mr Albert Williams was a passionate guardian of the Harrisonian heritage.

“Beside his outstanding academic and non-academic accomplishments, Mr Williams did much to improve the aesthetic sterility of the school’s physical environment. Today, students can still be heard commenting on the ambience of the school grounds with a great measure of pride,” he added.

Ralph Jemmott, former teacher at Harrison College, said that Williams’ contribution to the institution lies in the fact that he was able, in very difficult times, to keep the culture of the school intact and improve on it between 1965 and 1982.

“Mr Williams was adamant that Harrison College as an institution of learning, on both the cognitive and effective levels, would not surrender its moral authority. The way he went about it may have reflected a certain social awkwardness, but he stuck to his guns.

“He had a vision for Harrison College which I gradually came to appreciate and to share. The vision being that in its ethos, this school should reflect the best – the best academic tradition, the best behavioural traits and the best athletic prowess.”

In his response, Williams gave a very in- depth history of the institution and thanked the Old Harrisonians for all their kinds words. (TL)

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