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Brazil route a winner


By Karen Alleyne

Speaking during a cocktail reception organised by GOL Airlines at the Accra Beach Hotel on Friday evening, Eduardo Bernardes Neto, Commercial Director for the Brazilian airline, praised the Barbados government for ensuring that the Brazil to Barbados route became a reality.

Commenting on the speed in which it was implemented, he said, “When I arrived here today I remembered that in September of last year we were here to start to deal with this flight and I am very happy because we have during this time, worked together with the Government of Barbados, especially with the Barbados Tourism Authority, to make this dream possible and today we are here to celebrate the second step of this flight. Not only are we able to bring the Brazilians to Barbados, but next week we are expected to be able to receive people from Barbados to Brazil.”

During the first four months of operation, the GOL’s São Paulo-Barbados route has brought more than four times the number of Brazilians to Barbados than were initially here in 2009, since its inaugural flight on June 26.

Divulging plans to further increase the number of passengers, Neto said: “We are confident that the flight will get better and in the near future we will be discussing ways in which we can increase this flight. We hope the increase of the number of passengers will help to support this initiative. When we were here last year we told the people from Barbados that Barbados was not known in Brazil and the hardest part of the work that we had to do was to make Barbados known in Brazil. The job has been very well done and it has allowed us to increase the number of Brazilians within Barbados.”

Suggesting that steps should be taken to nurture future business relationships and opportunities between Brazil and Barbados, he called for the lines of communication to remain open and fluid.
“I would like to congratulate all the effort that the Government of Barbados has done in Brazil and we expect to maintain this relationship and increase the relations between Brazil and Barbados, not only for tourism, but also for business.”

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