Top News (3/3/2015)
Appeal for help for Springer’s sports arena
A big ‘Thank you’ to ICBL was yelled by these first form students of Springer Memorial School yesterday when they received the new benches, as (L-R) Marketing and Communications Assistant, ICBL, Damian Mascoll, Principal Pauline Benjamin, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing, ICBL, Alex Tasker and First Form Year Head, Francis Thompson looked on.
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St. Giles share top honours in James Wedderburn Zone
By Petra Gooding St. Giles took top spot in the Girls but had to share the Boys’ title with Bay P...
ICBL Barbados wins first match of Cheshire series
IN a low scoring affair, it was the home team of ICBL Barbados that came away with a 2-1 victory ove...
Rendezvous, Wales top table with 10 points each
By Michael Phillips It was a night of thrills when the Barbados Football Association’s Digicel Pr...
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