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Fire Prevention Officer Natasha Forde (centre) speaks to (at left) Acting Deputy Chief Fire Officer Lloydson Phillips and Acting Chief Fire Officer Errol Maynard on the efforts to get stores fully compliant.
Focus on fire safety
While most of the stores in Swan Street have begun to comply with fire prevention codes, several remain in breach.

Acting Chief Fire Officer Errol Maynard stated that many establishments have been brought up to code in recent years due to the collaborative efforts of fire prevention officers and storeowners, but several are still lagging behind due to financial constraints and the aged structure of the buildings.

Nevertheless, he assured that the Fire Service will continue to work with these businesses to gain compliance.

¡°Most of them that we have discovered have the requirements in place, and those that do not have the requirements, we are working with them and many of them are compliant¡­ [but] we still have a few that we need to work with,¡± he said.

However, Maynard admitted that one of the main challenges for storeowners is the structure of the buildings, many of which...

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