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 Top News (8/2/2014)
Some of those who gathered yesterday for the Emancipation Rally.
The journey continues
By Ashlee Cox

“Emancipation is a process.”

That observation was made by David Comissiong, President of the Clement Payne Movement, as he addressed those gathered around the statue of General Bussa in preparation for the Emancipation Rally yesterday.

“Emancipation as we know is a process, but when we come here every first of August, we are reflecting on the fact that emancipation is not an event. Our people didn't suddenly and eternally become free on the first of August 1834 or 1838 – those were important landmarks, but the battle didn't stop there, the dream had not been won then; it continues,” he said.

Calling on those gathered to reflect on all those men and women who were part of the freedom march, those who would have helped to take the island where it is today, he also noted that it is important to reflect on the journey still to come as well as the responsibilities a...

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