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Students of St. Lawrence Primary School were very excited as teachers did a puppet show surrounding the Literacy Week theme of ‘Reading is FUNdamental’.
Parents advised: Read with your children
By Kerri Gooding

St. Lawrence Primary School continues to concentrate on literacy as the bedrock of education and functioning independently in society.

Urging parents to work alongside the school in this venture, one educator at the school called on parents to “spend more time with your children reading and make sure that they understand how important reading is in education, in life for survival.”

Language Arts Coordinator and Head of the Literacy Committee, Julia Agard, further told The Barbados Advocate, “Literacy is one of the most important aspects of learning and it is usually integrated across all other subject areas; so within every subject area, there is always an aspect of literacy to deal with, reading and writing. So because it is such an integral and critical part of a child’s education, we usually have Literacy Week every year.”

Yesterday Literacy Week 2014 unde...

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