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Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss gives an award to longstanding member Deidre Murphy for giving 39 years of service to the BAOP. Orwin Niles and Winnie Watson, who were unable to attend were also recognised for their service over the past 39 years.
Get to root of absenteeism
Government’s desire to make the Transport Board profitable, is not a desirable objective.

That is the view of Dr. Stephen Harewood, Head of the Department of Economics at the UWI, Cave Hill Campus.

While delivering a presentation entitled “Some Cost Considerations in the Provision of Public Transportation in Barbados” this week in the lecture theatre of the UWI’s Graduate Studies Complex, Dr. Harewood suggested that all public transport should be provided by private individuals.

“I don’t even think there should be a Transport Board. I think that all public transport should be provided by private individuals, with Government subsidising only those services that are not financially viable,” Harewood suggested.

“By doing it that way, Government is going to reduce the cost of providing public transport in Barbados. Right now, what they are doing, is subsidising inefficiency,” he ...

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