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Family members observing the moment of silence.
Five years after the tragedy which claimed the lives of six young women at the Campus Trendz Boutique on Tudor Street, there are still some businesses with only one exit.
Liesel Daisley, Chairman of the SAVE Foundation made this observation only a few days ago while shopping in Bridgetown. She recalled one store in particular having no windows and the only door was the one she entered.
This, Daisley shared with the September 3rd Foundation ¨C National Minute of Silence ceremony, held in memory of those women who were unable to escape Campus Trendz due to an act of arson.
¡°Five years later I am asking myself, what has been done to solve this problem?

In the beginning when this tragedy happened, there were all kinds of experts and inquires suggesting that these type of stores need to be safer,¡± she stated. ¡°We all agreed that they needed to be safer, but apart from writing report...

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