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Principal of the Parkinson Memorial School, Jeff Broomes, alongside new Deputy Principal, Stephen Scott (right), during a special orientation held at the school yesterday.
Broomes committed to Parkinson Memorial
Although Principal Jeff Broomes is set to retire next year, his commitment to Parkinson Memorial School will continue long after he leaves.

This, he assured his students and their parents/guardians while addressing
a special orientation held at The Pine, St. Michael school, yesterday.

ˇ°Before I go, it is my commitment and my deep interest to make sure I do the best that I can for the children at this school, and my commitment will go on long after,ˇ± he expressed.

Broomes, an Educator for 39 years, told the gathering that he strongly believes that all children can learn.

He explained that it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure certain conditions in the home; the responsibility of teachers to ensure that they do certain things the right way; and for the individual student to make the commitment and sacrifice.

ˇ°Sometimes we have to know how to help our...

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