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Director of Medical Services, Dr. Anthony Harris concerned about the declining ratio of males to females annually when the Queen Elizabeth Hospital hosts its Internship.
Decline in male interns at QEH a concern
The number of males entering the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) internship is dropping significantly on an annual basis and this is causing some concern.

Yesterday, when the 29 interns commenced their rotations, one male was amongst the bunch and the other male was absent due to late notification on the part of the Medical Services.

With only two male interns in the 2015-2016 batch, QEH Internship Coordinator Dr. Clyde Cave expressed concern with the imbalance, saying however that there is no one reason for the low number of males, and positing that “it is probably multifactoral”.

Yet, he added that it is no surprise. “The sex differential is something that we have been seeing in Medical School,” he said.

“In any group you usually find that the males are the best and the worse of the group and the females tend to clump towards the middle. Of the Faculty of Medical Sciences he...

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