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Chairman of the National Conservation Commission (NCC), Earle Yarde (right) and Shae Brewster, a student of Combermere, plant a tree as other students of Combermere, Ellerton Primary and Lawrence T. Gay Primary look on with Special Projects Officer, NCC, Ricardo Marshall (right background).
Lighting the way
Barbados is making headway when it comes to being environmentally conscious and one of the ways of showing this is by making sure that the entire Bay Street Esplanade is generated by solar power.

Word of this came from General Manager of the National Conservation Commission (NCC), Keith Neblett, who delivered remarks at the National Arbor Day 2014 Celebrations yesterday at NCC headquarters.

He said that this move was in an effort to reduce this island’s energy costs.

“Over the years, the Commission has sought to introduce other elements into the celebration of Arbor Day, such as the promotion of alternative energy and apiculture. We have continued to promote these initiatives and today we are proud to announce that the entire Bay Street Esplanade is being totally operated by solar energy.”

There iss also a solar project at the facility at Pebbles Beach, which is another initi...

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