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During last evening’s Division of Youth Graduation Ceremony, Director of Youth Cleviston Hunte (left) presented the Most Outstanding Graduand in the Barbados Youth Service award to Kurt Greenidge.
Positive push
Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth Stephen Lashley has made a call for an end to the violence, which has been plaguing this island in recent times.

He made the plea while delivering the feature address at the inaugural Division of Youth Graduation Ceremony yesterday at the Garfield Sobers Complex.

¡°I call this evening for the full engagement of our young people. I call on the return to our tried and tested values. I call for the end of violence in all of its forms and I call for the graduands who are a part of this evening¡¯s celebration to be the champions of transforming our communities and transforming our communities back to those tried and tested values and standards,¡± he stated.

Lashley insisted that the youth must be agents of change in removing negativity from society and told the hundreds of young people who successfully completed their programs that their resp...

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